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COVID-19 What We Are Doing
Posted by Chris Olsen on March 30, 2020

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been. I want to give you an update on all of us at Fit Kids. We are all at home, healthy and finding productive ways to occupy our time till our revised re-opening date of May 5, 2020. Of course, this date is very much subject to being extended.
No one knows how long it will take for things to return to normal, so in the meantime there are three things I want to share with you.

1.  No Fit Kids families will be charged tuition or registration fees until we re-open to the public. Naturally, we will contact you ahead of time. We will never charge for services that cannot be provided.

2.  As a company, we are well prepared for an extended closure should that be the case. You can be sure that when things return to normal, Fit Kids will be there to serve you and your families again.

3.  When we re-open to the public, we will be better than ever. How? We will be working hard in the coming weeks to improve our facility, teaching systems and health practices.

The list of improvements will be wide ranging and I’ll be sharing them with you in the coming weeks.

Until then, continue social distancing, watch what you touch, wash your hands and keep the faith!
Best regards,
Chris Olsen

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