Simple Pay

Simple Pay makes your life easier. Using Simple Pay,

  • You can enroll and un-enroll anytime with no penalty.
  • You no longer have to remember to make a tuition payment each month.
  • No more worries about losing your child's place in class because of a forgotten tuition payment.
  • With Simple Pay, tuition will automatically be paid each month until you notify us of any changes.


Simply enroll in the classes of your choice using a major credit or debit card. Future tuition will be paid automatically via direct debit from your card on the 25th day of the preceding month. What could be simpler than that? Registering is simple too. Just click the image below and follow the directions inside the pink arrows!

               Simple Pay Instructions  


Can I start or stop mid-month?

Yes, anytime. Tuition is prorated to your enroll and un-enroll dates (weekly increments). You can now mold your participation dates around your unique family schedule.

Can I pay manually with cash or check?

No problem. To opt out of Simple-Pay, simply provide any alternative method of payment 24 hours in advance of the 25th day of the preceding month and your card will not be charged.

What happens if I miss a class?

No problem. If you miss a class you can schedule a make-up in any class of the same level that has openings.

Do you still have the 10% Family discount?

Yes, absolutely. ONLY the highest tuition in your immediate family pays full fare. All second, third, fourth, etc. classes are discounted a full 10%.

Does the $35 Annual Registration Fee still apply?

Yes. This fee is due annually for each student. If your Annual Registration fee is due, we'll add that to your credit card payment. This fee covers insurance, software, web fees, and related administrative costs.

Do you charge extra for long months?

No, we do not charge extra for long months nor do we charge less for short months. Classes are scheduled 48 weeks per year and tuition is calculated on 48 weeks per year. As such, all 12 months average exactly 4 weeks. Please see our Starz Academy Calendar for our closed dates.

There you have it, the simplest most flexible system we could possibly design. Now let's do some gymnastics!