BlogWhen Will We Reopen?
When Will We Reopen?
Posted by Chris Olsen on May 30, 2020

In my last post, I said that we expected to open on June 1, 2020. Well, so much for foreseeing the future! We will still be closed on June 1, and will remain closed until the LA County Dept. of Health gives us the green light to reopen. Yesterday marked the 11th week that we have been closed. I am happy to report that none of our employees have been laid off or have been asked to reduce their work hours during that time. The reason we were able to do that while other gyms struggle to survive is that we were prepared. We are now taking that same approach to our eventual reopening. You can be confident that we will be examining every aspect of our facilities, operations and teaching systems to make Fit Kids the safest place possible for our students, their families and our employees.

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