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Giving Thanks
Posted by Chris Olsen on December 1, 2014

Yes, Thursday was Thanksgiving. Yes, all over the south bay, we all stuffed ourselves full of food - and probably got more than our fill of family. Yes, we enjoyed the day off from work, worries, and workouts. And of course, we reflected on what we are thankful for: Mom and Dad.

Of course we love our own parents, but what we are truly thankful for in this business is our students’ Moms and Dads: the selfless, tireless, dedicated parents that give their child every chance to succeed.

Mom and Dad are more than just parents!

  • They are chauffeurs, driving Susie to piano lessons, picking up Scotty from soccer and dropping Nancy at gymnastics along the way.
  • They are nurses, carefully tending to each scrape, cut, and bruise, and staying brave and calm for each fall, spill, or tumble.
  • They are coaches, encouraging their child through each new experience, providing feedback and bolstering confidence through words, hugs, and high-fives.
  • They are mentors, practically therapists – listening to their child’s thoughts, dreams, and fears, and teaching them to reach for the stars.
  • Above all, they are a loving support system, a safe haven that children rely on to get through the most trying of times.

Here at Fit Kids, we are thankful for these chauffeurs, nurses, coaches, and mentors that hide behind the titles “Mom” and “Dad”. We also know that the rewards for their efforts are numerous, because we see it every day: the triumphant smile as Susie runs up to mom, waving that certificate in her face; Scotty finally perfecting that tricky cartwheel, and looking over to Dad for a thumbs-up and a smile; Nancy glancing to Mom for courage as she bravely attempts to walk on the high beam for the first time. We are thankful every day for the courage, love, and selfless devotion that Mom and Dad provide to their kids.


Torrance Fit Kids Gymnastics Center Gym Director

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